Zero Waste Essentials: 4 Tips On A Budget

zero waste essentials 4 tips on a budget

Going zero waste on a budget may be easier than you think. There are many sustainable, zero waste swaps you can make without impacting your bank balance. 

Seriously. It can be done free, and may even result in you saving money. So, you may ask how?
Well, to start with, follow and read our 4 tips below for zero waste essentials on a budget, and you'll see why. We have created a list of zero waste alternatives and  kitchen essentials that are great to start your zero waste journey with.

Tip 1: Use Glass Jars

image of glass jars with produce to go zero waste

Yes, we're talking about those old olive, honey and peanut butter jars you may put in your recycle bin.
Well, it's time to start gathering them, either from your neighbour's recycling bin, your mum's house or your local cafe. Glass jars can be used for just about everything. Here are a few ways that glass jars support a zero waste lifestyle:
  • Take your glass jars to the local bulk foods store or deli to buy ingredients without the plastic or packaging
  • Use your glass jars for food storage. This may include taking your snacks or lunch in your glass jars to work or using them for storing leftovers instead of plastic containers.
  • Organise your pantry with glass jars. Stop buying packaged foods, and store your goods zero waste.

Tip 2: Line Your Bin With Newspaper

It's time to ditch garbage bags and start lining your bin with newspaper. It's better for the environment, and saves you money - it's a win-win.
Newspaper bin liners are so easy to make. Watch the short DYI video here on how to make a newspaper bin liner. If you don't receive a local community newspaper, visit your local cafe once a week and ask to collect their old newspapers. 

Tip 3: Make Your Own Zero Waste Produce Bags From Old Fabric

reusable produce bag with cherries in them

Reusable produce bags are a great alternative to single-use plastic produce bags. However, they can be a little expensive. Making produce bags at home is 
relatively easy. You can make them from old fabrics such as sheets or pillow cases. If you don't have old fabric lying around, head to your local thrift shop where you can pick them up for less than buck.
Zero waste produce bags are a lot easier to make than you imaged. Watch the short DYI video here on how to make produce bags from old fabric.

Tip 4: Bring Your Reusables Everywhere

4 zero waste mason jars with muesli and fruit

Yes, you'll save money here and also help protect our planet. Carrying your reusables around is essential for going zero waste on a budget. Here are a few DYI zero waste alternatives to avoid purchasing new reusables.
Instead of buying water bottles or a new reusable water bottle when you are out, carry around an old jar with you.
Glass Jar vs Plastic Bottle
Instead of buying a reusable coffee cup, use a glass jar. If you're a hot coffee drinker, you can make you could knit your own heat band or find some old materials lying around to make one.

Instead of buying a flashy lunch or bento box, use a glass jar or use old fabric such as old pillowcase or sheet to use as a sandwich wrap.

4 Tips | How To Go Zero Waste On A Budget

There you go, a few tips to help you go zero waste on a budget - little or no spend required. So, it's not as far-fetched as you may have thought. With a bit of planning and creativity, a zero waste lifestyle is possible on a budget. We hope that after reading this you will get your zero waste kit together and start adding some of these zero waste essentials to your routine.

By taking small steps and swaps, together, we have a positive impact on the greater world around us. Share your #ZeroWaste journey with us on Instagram, @theotherstraw and tag us to be featured! 

Do you have any tips on going zero waste on a budget you'd like to share? Tell us in the comments below!

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