smoothie bamboo straws 2-pack


smoothie bamboo straws 2 pack
smoothie bamboo straws 2 pack cotton pouch with 2 smoothie bamboo straws two smoothie bamboo straws and coconut fibre cleaning brush 2 smoothie bamboo straws on cotton pouch with coconut fibre cleaning brush

make the switch today because plastic straws suck. 

theotherstraw smoothie bamboo straws are a great alternative to single-use plastic straws. theotherstraw bamboo straws are organic, handmade, biodegradable, 100% natural, durable, sustainable and - best of all - reusable. Take the smoothie bamboo straws out with you on the go and #SipSustainably.

theotherstraw smoothie bamboo straws are a perfect complement to your morning smoothie. The smoothie straws have been uniquely designed and handcrafted for thicker juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls. 


  • 2 x smoothie bamboo straws¬†(12mm diameter - 20cm in length)¬†
  • Eco-friendly brush made from 100% natural coconut fibre
  • Sustainable sip bag (to take with you on the go)

care instructions

  • Rinse straight after use to prevent getting anything stuck in your straw
  • Hand wash with eco-friendly coconut brush provided or put in the dishwasher
  • Smoothie straws will last years with good care and love. To sustain the life of the bamboo straw, rub coconut oil on the straw every 5-10 uses
  • At the end of their lifespan, simply put the straw in your compost (remember, they are fully biodegradable!)

plastic free shipping

Here at theotherstraw, we have a strict plastic-free policy- everything sent out is 100% plastic free. We ask that you kindly reuse or repurpose our packaging. All our shipping materials are recyclable and/or compostable. 


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