toothbrush travel case

$7.00 AUD

toothbrush travel case
toothbrush travel case toothbrush travel case

Keep your toothbrush clean, dry and ready-to-use with our toothbrush travel case.

Our eco-friendly toothbrush travel case is made from 100% bamboo.

It's sustainable, vegan friendly and fully compostable.

Our travel case will help take care of your bamboo toothbrush and protect it from any potential damage.

Whether you are going to work, school or camping - our toothbrush travel case will also protect it from any outside bacteria whilst on the road.

It's naturally anti-bacterial, durable and lightweight - making it the perfect travel companion.

It's multi-functional and can be used to store other items like our reusable bamboo straws.

Sustainable, stylish and sleek.

Protect your toothbrush today with our bamboo toothbrush travel case.

toothbrush travel case features:

  • Compostable and biodegradable bamboo
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Durable, portable and lightweight
  • Fits and holds theotherstraw bamboo toothbrush and theotherstraw bamboo straws

for those on the go

Our toothbrush travel case is a must-have for those who want to brush sustainably on the go.

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