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reusable boba straw

reusable boba straw

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Sip your bubble tea sustainably with our reusable boba straw. 

Each set includes a straw cleaner and straw bag so carrying around boba straws is a breeze. 

There’s no messing with size when it comes to boba tea! Our reusable boba straws are perfect for drinking bubble tea. They are reusable, lightweight and easy to clean. 

You can select between pointed boba straws and flat boba straws.

Our pointed boba straws are designed to help punch through bubble tea lids, so you can enjoy your boba tea on the go.

These fat straws are great for bubble tea and thicker beverages. The length of the boba straw is 20cm. The diameter of the boba straw is extra wide with a 12-14mm diameter to ensure you won’t miss those boba pearls.

Each fat straw set comes with a straw brush used for cleaning, and includes either 2 or 5 reusable straws (depending on the pack selected) and a straw pouch  so carrying around your reusable boba straws is a breeze. 

Our extra wide straws are also great for smoothies and to sip some of the thickest drinks. 

Our reusable boba straws are made from 100% natural bamboo and are BPA free. Our bamboo bubble tea straw is much stronger than single use plastic and paper straw, more sustainable than a stainless steel straw, reusable metal straw, reusable silicone straw and a glass straw.

We have two options for our boba bubble tea straws   pointed boba straws, with angled tip and flat boba straws. Both options are great for boba tea and fitting large tapioca pearls. If you are after a smaller size straw, check out our reusable smoothie straws which are designed for smoothies and juices. 

Our boba straws are eco friendly and sustainable, they can be composted to break down organically.

Swap your plastic straw today for our boba tea straw. theotherstraw reusable boba straws are a great alternative to single use plastic boba straws. They can be reused again and again, and cleaned with our straw cleaning brush.

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