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Customised bamboo straws
ÔĽŅCustom engraved bamboo straws are a unique way to help to capture people's attention. Bamboo straws can be custom engraved with a logo, unique message or contact details. They are perfect for events, campaigns or to give away as gifts. We love custom engraving theotherstraw for businesses and organisations that truly align with our values and mission.


Caravan of Conservation x theotherstraw

Recently, we custom engraved our reusable bamboo straws for very special organisation, which we are very excited to share. 

The Caravan of Conservation is run by a family of six living full time on the road traveling around Australia. They are travelling to share the importance of sustainable and conscious living. How do they do this? Well, they run environmental school and preschool incursions. 

They don’t just show your children how they can be eco-conscious, they use practical and relatable ways to get them making small changes that have a big impact. Their mission is to show children how to preserve, conserve and respect nature.

Peronalised bamboo straws

Customised bamboo straws

When we were approached by Caravan of Conservation to customise our reusable bamboo straws for them, we couldn't have been any more excited. 

These straws are given to children during their incursions to help promote sustainable living. 

Children carry the earth’s future in their hands. By supporting their young minds and helping them recongise the importance of our oceans, natural environments and wildlife at a young age, they can have huge positive impact on the greater world around us. 

Learn more about Caravan of Conservation here. If you are interested in custom engraving our reusable bamboo straws, reach out to us for bamboo straws in bulk.

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