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coconut bowls

coconut bowls

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theotherstraw coconut bowls are uniquely handcrafted from reclaimed real coconuts. Billions of coconuts are harvested every year, and most of their shells are either burned as waste or sent to landfill, causing a major threat to the environment.

But, not our organic coconut shells. They have been reclaimed and hand crafted into these trendy, zero waste coco bowls made from coconut wood. A gift from nature.

These natural coconut bowls are perfect for smoothie bowls (use with a bamboo straw), vegan bowls, buddha bowls, platters and everything in between. You can also use our coconut shell bowls for things like storing your jewellery or as a key bowl.

Our smooth coconut bowl also comes in a jumbo size. These are roughly 30% larger. We also offer wooden spoons, which make a perfect set.

Our handmade coconut bowls are made from reclaimed coconut shells. Each bowl is unique will slightly vary in size. They will last a long period of time, as long as they are given some love and care.

Our eco friendly bowls can be cleaned with lukewarm soapy water / warm soapy water. Once your coconut bowl is dry, and if you have some time, rub some coconut oil on the bowl. This helps sustain the lifespan of the coconut bowl. If you have can, try and use organic coconut oil which is better for the Planet. Please avoid using hot temperatures including hot water and extremely hot foods. 

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