Positive News You May Have Missed During Covid-19

positive news you may have missed during covid 19

We're feeling pretty overwhelmed right now, and I am sure you are too.

As a small business, we’ve definitely felt the hit and things have not been easy for us, but we are grateful that we are safe and healthy. But, like many other small businesses we are holding on tight and working hard together to get through.

Business is as (un)usual for us at the moment. We're still posting out orders and carrying on as usual (from home).

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We are very aware of exhaustion from hearing so much dark news, we feel it too.

So, we wanted to share some positive news that you may have missed during covid-19 (coronavirus).

Read along the good news stories below:


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CO2 Emissions Drop

An analysis completed shows that China's CO2 emissions have dropped by 25 percent since the beginning of the year. Coal consumption in power plants has dropped by 36 percent, and oil refining capacity has been lowered by 34 percent.

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Clearer Waters in Venice

As you know, most of Italy has been in lockdown for the past few weeks. As a result, locals have noticed the clearest and cleanest water Venice has seen in a long time. The water appears clearer due to reducing motorboats, crowds and pollution. 

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Renewables Rise

India announced this month that its major ports will switch to renewable energy sources. This is a massive win for our environment and we hope it inspires many other countries and ports around the world to follow suit! 

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Climate Strikes Go Online

Climate activist and eco warrior, Greta Thunberg is not stepping back from her climate strikes. She has announced that the strikes will continue online. Keep an eye out for her hashtag #DigitalStrike on social media for updates or to join in.

green icon public transportation

Luxembourg Makes All Public Transportation Free

We are super excited about this news. Public transport across Luxembourg is now free for all residents, commuters and users of the public transport. By offering free public transport, we will see emissions drop as people prioritise public transportation over driving cars.

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Wales Set to Ban Single-Use Plastics in 2021

Wales is expected to pass a proposal to ban a range of single-use plastic products, according to the Guardian. Some items included are straws, cutlery and take away food containers. The announcement. This ban is a step in the right direction and will help the nation significantly reduce its amount of plastic waste.

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Global Air Quality Improves

With cities around the globe going into partial lockdowns and aviation and other transportation sectors coming to a halt, we have seen pollution levels drop and air quality improving. This has been a wakeup call to the global community. Cities, like Delhi have seen air pollution drop to record lows.

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