4 Eco Documentaries to Watch in 2020

eco documentaries to watch in 2020

Now, who doesn't love a good movie or doco night?

We've put together this shortlist of our four favourite eco documentaries that we hope inspire you to live an (even) greener, more sustainable life.

There's no better time than now to better understand our planet and the impact our lives have on it. So, grab some popcorn (plastic-free), a drink, a mate and get comfortable - you're in for an eco marathon this weekend!


1. 2040 (2019)

What it's about: 2040 is one of our favourite eco documentaries to watch. It is a hybrid documentary directed by award-winning Director, Damon Gameau (The Sugar Film).

Damon sets off on a journey to explore what the future 'could' look like by 2040, if we supported the climate solutions currently available to us. He shows the impact we could have if we were able to push sustainable and climate initiatives into the mainstream.

The documentary aims to inspire and empower you to do good now so we can have a better, greener future. 

Where to watch it: Rent it digitally with Mad Man Films. 


2. Our Planet (2019)

What it's about: An inspiring and powerful documentary series that focuses on the diversity of habitats around world. The series highlights the important roles our eco systems and forests play in regulating Earth's Climate.

The series is narrated by David Attenborough and aims to inspire you to live a more conscious lifestyle, to protect the future of our eco systems, habitats and planet.

Where to watch it: Available on Netflix. 


3. Chasing Coral (2017)

What it's about: Coral reefs around the world are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Chasing Coral shares the story of divers, scientists and photographers who are trying to discover widespread coral bleaching caused from rising ocean temperatures. It features the natural beauty beneath the ocean's surface and the importance for us to protect it from the impacts of climate change.

Where to watch it: Available on Netflix. 


4. Before the Flood (2016)

What it's about: Before the Flood is presented by National Geographic and features Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo sets off on a journey to understand climate change firsthand. He travels the world to meet with scientists, activists and world leaders to discuss the consequences of climate change and possible solutions.

The powerful documentary unearths the urgency to act on climate change to protect the future of our planet.

Where to watch it: Available on Netflix Australia.  


We hope you enjoy our favourite eco documentaries and they bring some light and hope for your future!



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