The #Trashtag Challenge

The #Trashtag Challenge
There are a lot of so-called "challenges" that pop up over social media. We do not take part in these challenges normally. But, we are quite happy to take part in the #trashtag challenge that is trending at the moment.
The #trashtag challenge is all about creating a before and after photo. The before photo shows a trashed area and the after photo shows the same area fully cleaned up. The #trashtag challenge is gaining traction around the world and is gone viral according to Time.
There are already more than 26,000 posts tagged on Instagram. Many volunteers have cleaned up trash from public spaces, such as beaches and parks.
Humans have created over 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic, since it became available.
All of the plastic that is ever produced is still around in some capacity as it photo-degrades and turns into microplastics.
Plastic waste causes great harm to marine life and can be found in even the most remote places.
Protecting the environment from plastic pollution requires countries to take action against plastic waste. Some countries are trying to combat plastic waste.
However, the widespread actions of sustainable citizens through the #trashtag challenge is also crucial in fighting our battle against plastic pollution. So this weekend, grab a bag, your closest friends and head to a trashes spot and join the #trashtag challenge!


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