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sustainable gifts

Giving sustainable gifts is a fun way to show your loved one how much you care and appreciate them, whilst helping our planet too.

Here you'll find sustainable gifts for every occasion.

Birthdays, the Festive Season, Mother's Day or even Valentine's Day

Bring a smile to a loved one's face, in a way Mother Earth would approve and appreciate.

To make it easier for you, we’ve done the searching (and lots of it).

In this post, we've put together our favorite sustainable gifts and ideas to help your loved one live a more sustainable life.

These gifts are hand-picked by us and they are not sponsored or affiliated.

We just think they are all awesome brands, with sustainable brand values you should get behind.

We've organized this post into categories so you can quickly find the perfect, sustainable gift for the special person on your list. 

Happy reading (or shopping)! 

Sustainable gifts for Her

Sustainable gifts for Him

Sustainable gifts for Kids

Sustainable gifts for the Traveller 

Sustainable  gifts for the Food Enthusiast

Sustainable  gifts for the Home


Sustainable gifts for Her

From ethical nail-polish to sustainable activewear, we are certain that your loved one, and the planet will be forever grateful. 

Sustainable Activewear

Women wearing activewear

Spending time outside should never cost the planet. Thankfully, Team Timbuktu exists to create sustainable activewearTheir activewear is stylish, sustainable and designed for those who love to move. They offer sustainable, ethical activewear made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Ethical Nail-polish

Hand holding ethical nailpolish

Natural, vegan, sustainable nail-polish? Yes please. Sienna Byron Bay produces non-toxic, no nasties, vegan nail-polish that is kind to your nails, and the planet.

Their natural nail polish range consists of more than 80 beautiful colors, so there is certainly going to be a color for the special person on your list. 

Organic Skincare 

skin care bottles

We recently came across Beauty Care Naturals and it was love at first sight. They offer certified, organic, natural, ethical skincare.

Gifting sustainable, natural skincare is a unique gift your loved one and Mother Earth will appreciate.

Beauty Care Naturals offers skincare, body care, natural makeup and nail polish that won't harm your body or the Earth in anyway.


Sustainable gifts for Him

Sustainable gifts that will help your special man or loved one live a less impactful life.

From reusable coffee cups to compostable phone cases, he won't be able to wipe that smile off his face. 

Reusable Coffee Cup 

reusable coffee cup

If he loves coffee, then the Huskee cup is a great eco friendly gift idea.

Single-use coffee cups used take away drinks have a huge environmental impact.

Many of them can not be recycled, so they end up polluting our landfills.

Reusable coffee cups are a great way to help your loved one reduce his carbon footprint.

Especially Huskee reusable cups as they are made from coffee husks.

They are durable, non-toxic, stylish and the perfect sustainable gift for a coffee lover!

Compostable Phone Case

Plastic phone cases pose a huge threat to our environment.

Fortunately, compostable phone cases are a thing and a perfect sustainable gift idea for your special man.

Pela, released the World’s first 100% compostable, sustainable iPhone and Android phone cases, made from 100% plants. 

A portion of proceeds from Pela's sales go directly to supporting clean water initiatives.


Sustainable gifts for Kids

Do you have a Christmas shopping list and need to buy gifts for your nephews, nieces or best friend's daughter and have no idea where to start?

Well, we're here to help.

These eco friendly, sustainable gifts will guarantee to bring a smile to their face (and the planet too). 

Sustainable Children's Hats

sustainable brown hat

Will and Bear produce a range of children's hats that help protect the environment and combat the effects of fast-fashion. 

Their hats have been inspired by the outdoors and nature. For every hat sold, ten trees are planted.

Eco Beach Set

eco friendly beach set with bucket

Inspired by the beach, designed for kids, and made with love for the environment. This Children's Beach Toy set is made from unbleached compostable bamboo and bio-plastic, with a hemp rope handle.

A perfect, sustainable and eco-friendly gift for the little ones.


Sustainable gifts for the Traveller

Just because your loved one spends most of their time on the road, doesn't mean you can't (sustainably) gift them.

These traveller gifts are designed to help reduce the carbon and and plastic footprint of your loved one whilst on the road.


Travel Bamboo Cutlery

bamboo cutlery

For sustainability lovers, reusable cutlery is an essential for those spending time on the road.

theotherstraw reusable bamboo cutlery set is made from natural bamboo, is durable and lightweight.

It makes the perfect travel companion for those on the go.

50% of all profits donated to ocean-cleanups, and all orders are  shipped carbon-neutral and plastic-free, - aka Mother Earth approves.

Travel Shampoo Body Bar

shampoo travel bar

We love this plant-based shampoo soap bar by Eir. It eliminates single-use plastic and a great sustainable gift for the eco travellers. 

Eir's core mission is to create clean products that have minimal impact on the environment. They are striving for sustainability, and only work with natural ingredients that are potent and clean.


Sustainable gifts for the Food Enthusiast 

Sustainable gift ideas for foodies, home cooks and all round food lovers.


Coconut Bowls

coconut bowls

Beautiful, natural coconut bowls that will set every meal up for an Instagram photo.

If that special one on your list loves to get creative in the kitchen, then they might just fall in love with these coconut bowls by theotherstraw.

The coconut bowls are ethically and sustainably made from reclaimed coconut shells.

They are a gift from nature. Any food enthusiast will love them for their smoothie bowls, vegan bowls, buddha bowls or stir fries.

50% of profits donated to ocean-cleanups, and all orders are  shipped carbon-neutral and plastic-free. 

Reusable Food Bags 

Say goodbye to single-use zip lock bags and hello to reusable food bags.

These funky food bags by Stasher are a must have for any foodie.

Reusable, and beautiful, they also help prevent single-use plastic bags from entering our oceans.


Sustainable gifts for the Home

Sustainable gifts to refresh and spice up every home. Made to impress, with our home planet in mind. 


Recycled Toilet Paper

toilet paper

If you are worried about buying something that the person on your list won’t use, then why not grab them some eco friendly toilet paper.

Because there’s no denying that they won’t use it.

Who Gives A Crap offers sustainably-sourced toilet paper made from 100% recycled sources.

They also offer 100% bamboo toilet paper. Good for your bum, good for the planet.

A sustainable gift Mother Earth is bound to appreciate.  


We hope you enjoyed our list of sustainable gifts and that found something for that special someone on your list. 



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